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Production facility Tajfun - "Typhoon Vision"


Production  /  Future
1. Programme starting point:
The client intends to expand the programme of the Tajfun factory with new facilities: business premises, a development plant, a production facility, a parking house, a congress centre, the Tajga commercial centre, and a mechanical processing and welding plant.
The new programme is made up of functionally independent units, which need to be linked into a new entity.
2. Company identity:
Tajfun is a company with a long-standing tradition, persistently creating its own identity through quality products and its social role.
3. Spatial point of departure:
The factory is located in the rural environment of Planina in the Kozjanski Regional Park. The current facility and the planned extension exceed the criterion of the built structures of individual constructions in Planina. The spatial development plan no longer allows for large constructions that would reshape the scale of the town. Our design therefore creates an artificial landscape that follows the natural landscape, upgrades it and gives it function. The aim of the proposed solution is to establish a new identity of place that follows the existing spatial characteristics.

Mental level:
In the analysis and interpretation of the "brand" Tajfun, we took in the phenomenon of its proverbial meaning -an air vortex - Typhoon. It travels along the landscape and inevitably leaves its mark: deforming cities, creating chaos; transforming, redefining and co-creating new landscapes in natural environment.
Sensual level:
The building becomes a new landscape. It organically upgrades the existing landscape. The building is flexible and responsive to the boundary conditions: the street, the place, the boundaries of the plot, the forest enclaves,..
Physical level:
The building becomes a hill. It is divided according to the principle of trajectories, which are defined by the traces left by Tajfun - Typhoon. Traces create texture that becomes 3 - dimensional and allows an illumination of building interiors.

The proposed solution is derived from the premise that architecture is not merely a functional facility, but rather part and parcel of the company’s identity. The visionary quality of the company is expressed in the new spatial concept.
Superform created a spatial vision for the development of the company Tajfun, which is implemented in phases. Some segments have already been implemented, are under construction or will be in the future.

Phases of building development:

Object 0 - Manufacturing facility; existing
Object 1 - Assembly and storage facility; completed 2013
Object 2 - Mechanical processing welding; under construction 2018
Object 3 - Underground garage / Congress centre / & business facility; future phase, planned
Object 4 - Manufacturing facility; future phase
Object 5 - Business facility; future phase


 Planina pri Sevnici
 Tajufn Planina d.o.o.
 31000 mq
 Superform; Marjan Poboljsaj, Anton Zizek, Spela Gliha, Peter Licen (Lushna)
 Miran Kambic


Superform is an architecture company from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is successfully active in the field of architecture, interior, design and urban planning.
Marjan Poboljšaj: Graduated 1997, Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.
Anton Žižek: Graduated in 1997, Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana.
Superform introduces a new approach: architecture is an experience, which we sense on the three levels of perception:
a. The mental level, b. The sensual level, c. The physical level.
Superform erases the stereotypes and begins with the question: How can we create an experience which you can sense or you can live in.
Archdaily – Nomination; Building of the year ’18, Office building
The Plan - Finalist; Kindergarten Cerkvenjak, 2017
The Interior of the year award - Winner; Month of design Ljubljana, Attic apartment, 2017
Architizer - Finalist; Industrial building, 2016

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