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This “climate change adaptive architecture” located next to the Adda river natural park, is a symbol of innovation characterized by a natural involucre created employing a specific set of metal pipes dictated by solar incidence. This natural casing is done by vibrant lines: ‘brain waves’ representing the essence of intellectual work. The urban image of either this LEED Gold building and its base, helps to give character to the site, while the base containing water pools crossed by the main pedestrian stairs, softens the public view towards parking area. From a functional point of view the tower consists of a multi storey system containing spaces dedicated to offices. The complete refurbishment of an existing building finds its origins in the intention to create work premises of a high qualitative standard, special attention is paid to inner spaces being each floor divisible and freely accessible. The base plate, besides containing the water pools designed to reflect the entire shape of the Tower, houses a news kiosk and some amenities for the local community.The sustainability of the project is driven by a combined strategy of energy conservation, energy production and attention to the well-being of the users with the diffusion of green areas inside and outside the building. Passive solutions, such as, high thermal heat insulation, natural ventilation, solar protection, together with strong PV energy generation had also been adopted. The tower was awarded the 2016 European Property Award for its innovation and eco-sustainability.


 Zucchetti S.p.a.
 4000 mq
 Marco Visconti, Marco Palmisano, Vanessa Da Costa Ferreira, Francesco Lanzetti, Paolo Rizzuto, Chiara Bisi, Giulia Tilli
 Ediltecno Restauri
 Structural engineer: Studio Pavesi ing. Carlo; Mechanical and electrical engineer: Manens-Tifs S.p.a.; Fire engineer Ing. Battista Zucchetti; Artistic Supervision: Marco Visconti architect; Work Supervision: Studio Pavesi ing. Carlo; Landscape: Linea verde – Canepa Andrea Enrico.
 Metal Carpentry: MAP S.p.a.; Electrical plants: Elettromeccanica Galli Italo S.p.A.; Mechanical plants: Benvenuto impianti; Steel protection treatment: Nord Zinc S.p.A.; 3D cutting and production of frames: Laserway S.R.L.; Window frames: Schuco; Glass panes: Guardian; Green areas and pools outer frames: Krion; Interior Floors and walls: Graniti Fiandre, Florim; Lighting fixtures: Design Luce Ideal Lux.
 David Vicario


Marco Visconti was born in Turin in 1957, a master’s degree in architectural composition at UCLA in Los Angeles, he graduated in engineering from the Politecnico di Torino and in architecture at the university of Genoa. He collaborated with Renzo Piano from 1984 to 1986, from 1987 to 2006 works in Turin as the group’s director of architecture Fiat engineering.
Founded in January 2007 in Turin MVarchitects office, that deals with sustainability in architecture for tertiary, industry, education and culture, in a bioclimatic passive key. Its work is motivated by the best relationship between needs of man and respect for nature, in a logic of use and understanding of the surrounding environment.
He also worked as visiting professor at the faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino and he lectures at numerous Italian and foreign universities. He is the author of publications and thematic books and his project are documented by the important international architectural reviews.

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