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Villa B&R

ECOING/Ivana Dabrovic

Villa  /  Completed
ECOING/Ivana Dabrovic
The residential villa B&R, located by the sea and designed for a Belgian family, has been developed in conjunction with the well laid-out surroundings, and follows the terrain of various heights, balanced by constructed retaining walls of 0.8 to 3 m high.

Some retaining walls are underground parts of the villa, some are parts of the garage beneath the garden area, or parts of walls of the open kitchen in the garden, thus creating an impression of architecture and environment integration.

The design and U-shape of the villa with a total surface area of 500 m2 has resulted from the fusion of the plot, its beautiful vistas and positioning on the one hand, which is why the end sections are of different lengths and angles, and slightly bend around the central terrace, designed to provide shade, and from its micro-location on the other hand, which resulted in such variations in the dimensions of the end sections, thus making the villa, thanks to its own size, fit nicely into the urban matrix.

The villa has two storeys: ground floor and first floor, and split-level design.

A sundeck extends towards the sea, accommodating the swimming pool with the dimensions 4.6x11 m and an open kitchen, while the glass walls of the villa provide for the integration of out-door and indoor stay.

Other facades are of a more closed character to ensure the indoor intimacy of the villa. They pro-tect it from the street and the driveway, opposite which residents go to the beach. With only one angle opening, and the light getting in through skylights, they also render the villa protected from any views on the rear side.

From the main entrance there is direct access to the kitchen with a pantry and to the toilet. The central, two-storey space opens right from the entrance, with galleries, stairs and the dining area that is adjoining the kitchen and the terrace with a pergola, thus opening the space for an all-day stay, as well as to the living room, which is recessed relative to the entrance and dining area.

Upstairs, in the most prominent part of the villa, overlooking the sea and the swimming pool, there is a master bedroom with a glass ensuite bathroom and a corner glass walk-in closet. There is also a guest bedroom, which overlooks the backyard, as well as two children's bedrooms with bathrooms and a common terrace facing the sea and a workspace with access to the backyard.

The design concept is based on the premise that each room offers a unique experience, while at the same time the spaces create an integrated whole merging with the environment, ensuring a vacation stay in a natural seaside and Mediterranean ambience. The surrounding autochtonous vegetation further contribute to such an atmosphere.

The villa’s architecture is presented as a playful white block opened by large glass walls with mag-nificent vistas and contact with the environment.


 Ražanj, Sevid
 500 mq
 architect in charge: Ivana Dabrovic, architect
 Maja Tutavac, architect
 Contractors: M-P-Beton d.o.o., Servis Zaninović d.o.o., Horting Sisak d.o.o., Stolarija Branko Rudolf, VOTEX d.o.o.
 Project manager & construction supervision: Tim Coulson ( First Property Croatia )
 Marko Ercegović, Vojo Bašić (only photo 'ecoing_villaB&R_10-1500.JPG')


Ecoing is an office for architecture and urban planning. It has a series of successful completed projects and buildings from which specially stand out apartment buildings, residential buildings, architectural branding and multimedia exibitions.
Head of the office is Ivana Dabrovic,architect in charge,collaborating with architect Maja Tutavac. Office featured projects are, in Croatia, Villa B&R in Sevid; House K in Dubrovnik; House U and House V2, both in Dubrovnik in collaboration with Studio 3LHD for which they received Drago Galic Award in the field of residential architecture; boathouse in Ireland and series of projects for Vindija retail chain. From exhibitions important are exhibitions on the island Lokrum near Dubrovnik with themes of filming series Game of Thrones and legends of Richard the Lionheart and Benedictines. Important interior are restaurant&caffe bar Ham-Ham in Zagreb for which office was nominated for the Bernardo Bernardi Award in the field of interior and design.

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