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Torres & Bello Architetcs + Construtora Monte Bello

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Torres & Bello Architetcs + Construtora Monte Bello
The residential building located on the beach of Torres, in the extreme south of Brazil, consists of a single, compact and linear prismatic volume of only three floors slightly elevated in relation to the ground seeking to explore the dialogue between private and urban life. The twenty residential units have different typologies: apartments with one, two or three dormitories, some of them are duplex, and each one has different characteristics and sizes, creating an interesting variety within the same volume. The building is inserted in a consolidated urban fabric, respecting the scale of the neighborhood, whose predominant characteristics are buildings of two and three floors intended for housing. Besides, it was important to create an identity for it, resulting in a solid, responsive to its internal differentiations and welcoming building. The facade facing the street confers a unique and distinct character to the building overlapping the volume with a modular grid that divides the facade into rectangular compartments of various dimensions. This compartmentalization minimizes the perception of the height of the building, emphasizing the horizontality of the volume. This compositional solution provides a perception of the building as if it were in a state of constant transformation, for, depending on the position of the observer as well as the light shaping the volume with the shadows, all this is reinforced both in the sense of individualization as of privacy. In addition to softening the incidence of heat and preserve the internal comfort of the units without sacrificing the visuals the units are framed by walls and slabs giving this rhythm to the facade. Also as protagonist, due to the excellent visuals that it makes possible, the roof has a landscape of native species that require the minimum of irrigation and brings the coastal environment closer to the user.
The building structural grid allows the use of conventional reinforced concrete structures and prefabricated slabs, which make construction quicker and less expensive. Masonry, apparent concrete, glass and bamboo closures create the diversity of materials for a composition of traditional and contemporary technologies. The circular prism of bamboo in the ground floor marks the access allowing a contrast between the orthogonal building and it, as well as generating a tenuous limit between the public and the private space. Bamboo, an abundant material in the region, refers to the beach climate and accentuates a sense of warmth and interiority, but above all allows the control of opacities and transparencies acting as a filter.


 Construtora MonteBello
 3817 mq
 Torres & Bello Architects
 Alberto Torres, Audrey Bello Ramos,
 Construtora Monte Bello
 Fabricio Lessa


TORRES & BELLO Arquitetos Associados is a company dedicated to the development of architectural and urbanistic projects.
Founded in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil, the Torres & Bello Arquitetos office is headed by Arqtª Audrey Bello Ramos, graduated from UFGRS and holds a Masters in Materials Engineering from ULBRA and Alberto Torres from UFGRS.
A number of Torres & Bello projects have already won National and International Architecture Awards and Distinctions attesting to the quality of such projects as Architecture Biennial, Brazilian Architecture Bureau Association Award, Americas Property Awards, LICC, SBID Awards.

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