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Am Steinbruch

noa* - network of architecture

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noa* - network of architecture
The Villa “Am Steinbruch”, a private house hosting two families, is established in the outskirts of the village of Oberbozen / Soprabolzano facing the great mountain panorama of the Dolomites. The place is a former quarry, which was the starting point in the development of the concept.

The lower parts of the high plateau of the Ritten / Renon area are lined with vineyards, which grow at the steep hillsides; the different rows are supported by dry stone walls, which form elements of the cultural landscape. noa* (network of architecture) implements the stone wall in the same way as it is used in the vineyards - as a supporting element. In doing so the intermediation with the local tradition and the accordance with the omnipresent nature was always crucial to the conceptual approach.

The aim was to implement the architecture into the surrounding in the most natural way; therefore it was important to underline and reinforce local building traditions. The natural stone wall forms the basis of the architecture and softly melts into the landscape. Two simple houses with pitched roofs and covered all over with shingles sit on the stone wall and are looking towards the most impressive mountains scenery. The orientation of the building volumes was chosen carefully in order to view the Schlern and the Rosengarten as the central elements. The front facades are fully glazed and allow the interior to totally open up to the landscape.

The lower parts of the building, the spaces behind the stone wall host the more private sleeping rooms and bathrooms; that part of the building is embedded in the hillside situation in order to become one with the landscape. Also the window openings were chosen to create a more intimate space. The more public areas such as the living and dining area are placed on two floors above the sleeping rooms and form the volumes with pitched roofs. The space is organized as an open floor plan with big openings toward the alpine scenery. The aim was to create a space that connects the inhabitant with the surrounding. When sitting at the kitchen table you are inside but the space is melting with the landscape outside.

The building combines building tradition with contemporary architecture while always looking for a strong connection to the surrounding landscape.
The use of local and traditional materials like stone and wood and the use of traditional building techniques were particularly important for the client. By the dry stone walls and the shingles on the roof and on the facade, the architects also made to this desire. At the same time they take into consideration the genius loci and involve the architecture and landscape of the area. the vernacular gabled form is felt through the open space in the majority of the interior. in the 2-storey main room with open plan kitchen, dining and living room come together. The mixing of functions is part of the open flexible living principle and provides the creative residents space to unfold ...

The use of solid wood from nearby forests in the interior and other natural surface materials such as stone floor or clay plaster were both for the client and for the architects of great importance.


 Oberbozen / Soprabolzano (I)
 860 mq
 noa* - network of architecture
 noa* - network of architecture
 Alex Filz


Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier met while working as project architects with the renowned architect and designer Matteo Thun in Milan.
Before joining forces to found noa* back home in Bolzano (I) in 2010, both Lukas and Stefan improved their skills and finetuned their work-ethos during a decade of work experiences both locally and abroad.

noa* is the essential expression of a collaborative work-ethos: the young team of architects & designers, led by founders Lukas Rungger and Stefan Rier and based in Bolzano (Italy), explores and examines interdisciplinary methods of design, which continuously evolve depending on both nature and requirements of each project. By following the concept of „emergence“, where the whole is perceived as being far greater than the sum of its parts, a holistic approach and strategy is central to noa*s way of conceiving design.

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