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Tower Park and Memorial Guido Moncher, pioneer of Flight. Flying through the trees and playing with the wind. Public park in Coredo (Trento, I)

A²studio_projects and researches for alpine space

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A²studio_projects and researches for alpine space
The park is located in Coredo, a small alpine village of 1.630 inhabitants at 831 m altitude, in Trentino-Südtirol (Italian Alps).
The area, for long used for country fests, in a first time had been destined by the Municipality to host temporary performances and sports events, but during the plan, the research on some existing structures has revealed a remarkable past. The former owner of the area, a wealthy bourgeois of Coredo named Guido Moncher, had used it in the early '900 as 'private airport' complete with a control tower. This place was the airfield for an experimental prototype of helico-plano (hybrid between a plane and a helicopter).

Concept: the project develops the theme of the Flight and is based on the first 'flying machines', inspired by the wings of birds and insects. So the original land partition, with its unusual geometry, becomes metaphorically the rib of a wing that 'supports' the whole park design, forming the 'skeleton' of the project and, at the same time, the evocative sign of a recovered memory. The intervention is developed according to directions arranged radially, which organize the open spaces and defining the arrangement of the artifacts. Similarly, from the story of Guido Moncher (Italian-Austrian aviation pioneer, 1873-1945) descends the idea of creating a 'flying field' dedicated to wind experimentation and study of dynamic forces of nature (gliding, kites, pinwheels, windmills, etc.).
The building of a small new pavilion for teaching activities and exhibitions complete the park. The pavilion is managed in accordance with the Aviation Museum Gianni Caproni in Trento.

The park fulfills the following uses:
1. outdoor arena for performances (choirs, concerts, shows)
2. multipurpose field (tennis, volleyball, football)
3. area for events and parties (space for tents, platforms)
4. service pavilion to fests area (kitchen, bathrooms, services, warehouse)
5. exhibition hall and classroom dedicated to the flight pioneer Guido Moncher
6. area for children to play (acre-park in the pine forest)
7. parking (100 cars)

The landscape interventions are concentrated in the area between the parking and the lawn of the 'flying field', where there is the main pedestrian path. The walkways run along the radial lines, from the parking down to the large lawn area which is used both for outdoor performances and free play.
For further underscore the radial some weathervane poles have been placed between the shrub curtain of parking and the lawn area. The poles have been specifically designed to support some equipment to service the entire area lighting. At the top of each pole has placed a wind mini generator, capable of generating up to 3 kWh.
In the area that slopes down to the small valley to the north, the land has been reshaped slightly to accentuate the effect of undulation already present, while in the more flat meadow (south) there is the possibility of setting up parties or festivals even with the use of temporary tents.


 Coredo, Val di Non (Trento, I)
 Municipality of Predaia - Coredo
 32000 mq
 A²studio srl: Cesare Micheletti, Claudio Micheletti, Loredana Ponticelli
 Cesare Micheletti, Claudio Micheletti, Valter Fontanari
 Alfonso Dalla Torre (IGT studio, civil engineering)


A²studio (Trento, I) is an Engineering Ltd founded and led by three Partners – Cesare Micheletti, Claudio Micheletti and Loredana Ponticelli.
A²studio has designed a wide range of projects from the small scale of a private home to the large scale of spatial planning in mountain regions of high tourism vocation, including: alpine infrastructures (mobility and cableways); residential architecture and hospitality; landscape architecture; environmental planning; sustainable development strategies; research.
Selected works:
cableway Cavalese-Cermìs with stations, parking and covered wood bridge over Avisio River,
pedestrian and cycle bridges over Adige and Noce Rivers,
Cavalese bus station,
waste transfer station of Fiemme Valley,
Cross-country stadium Bondone,
renovation of Austro-Hungarian barracks of Viote and re-use as luxury hotel.
Spatial planning for territorial authorities and natural parks, including: environmental plan for Rosengarten, Stelvio National Park, Lavazé Pass.

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