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One Plus Partnership Limited

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One Plus Partnership Limited
Every film composes of thousands of stop motions. This continuation of frames produces the illusion of a moving image, freeing our minds to see what is within and beyond. The designers freeze and extract these ‘motion fragments’, embedding the elements within the cinema perimeter.

Upon stepping into the ticket office, the counters and the walls act as if they have a life of their own. The counters were supposed to be a gigantic regular shape. However, they rotate slightly towards various directions and angles, mimicking the life of a creature. This scenario reminds one of the scenes in some science fiction movies, whereas a creature alters and articulates to a certain extent, devising a distinct life form. Just like the role of a movie editor, the undesirable ones are being ruled out while conserving the favorable ones to create such a masterpiece.

The counters uphold the overall design statement, yet they still serve their practical function. As several equipments must be placed behind the counters, like ticketing machines and food storage for the concession. Plenty of space need to be reserved for this purpose. When the designers think about the exterior of the counters, they also need to keep in mind about the practicality of the counters. Hence, creating this finished product with a well balance of both employable function and sublime depiction.

In order to achieve the stop motion effect throughout the entire space, the designers have to study thoroughly of the angle and position of every individual fragment so to produce the most desirable outcome. By making various real life models, the designers test and examine all the possibilities of numerous combinations. They never stop until they find the perfect composition for each single block and achieve the best cumulative result.

Up in the ceiling, at a precise moment every individual slide owns a different
shape. Some of the white ones are light boxes, flying towards various dimensions to form a unified shape. They scattered all over the place, but seemingly as if flying towards the same direction, waiting to combine and configure a new life form. The wall also adheres the same concept; pieces of irregular fragments simulate ‘stop motions’, as if to regain the form as a whole. The materials being exerted on this project are relatively simple, which includes stones and stretch ceilings. By contributing more emphasis on the finished art form, the materials stand a less important role.

These corridor walls might look randomly displayed, but of course every one of them are the result of the hard work behind the designers. The inclination of the walls are being constructed at a degree that it would not come in the way with the passerbys. The designers need to consider if it would hurt someone’s head in the upper area. As for the lower part, they also need to think about if the passerbys could walk freely without obstructions.

The coffee bar which is located inside the cinema carries on with the theme of ‘stop motion’. In the middle of the coffee bar stands feature lighting. Every light has its own life. They point towards different angles. Every lighting could break down into smaller rectangular shapes. When jointed together, create a clamp-like shape stretching throughout the space ahead, generating a vibrant ambience.

The auditorium extends the illusion of stop motions. All over the walls are two-dimensional graphics moving towards various directions.


 Wuhan, China
 Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd.
 6000 mq
 Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership Limited
 Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography


The Hong Kong-based, award-winning interior design firm One Plus Partnership Limited was established by Ajax Law and Virginia Lung in 2004. Its cutting edge designs and daring visions keep amusing the global interior design industry. It was founded with the aim of providing interior design services, from conception to delivery, which will enhance its clients’ business and personal intent. Ever since its founding, it has gotten hands on numerous world acclaimed awards, building its reputation on theme-driven designs among the interior design industry and beyond.

Up until now, One Plus has received 343 international awards. In 2012, it was being recognized with the ‘Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award’ from the UK. It was the sole winner of the year and the first in Asia to earn the prestigious award.

This project is a cooperation with Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd. The cinema is located in Wuhan, China and completed in December 2014.


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