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Minsheng Museum of Modern Art

Studio Pei-Zhu

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Studio Pei-Zhu
Minsheng Museum of Modern Art is a renovation of an old factory from the 1980s.Its openness, diversity, flexibility make it different from typical galleries, which are always monotonous and secluded. It will be the largest public dedicated exhibition space for Chinese contemporary art.
1. diversity of spaces, replacing single space pattern of "white cube".
Comparing to traditional art, a distinguishing feature of contemporary art is the diversity form of representation. In order to facilitate this, Minsheng Museum of Modern Art not only has the 5 meters clear height space of traditional art museum, but also has spaces of different sizes and dimensions: big box, middle box, small box, classic space, courtyard exhibition space, black box(multi-function performance, convention, exhibition spaces). They are organized organically by the central space full of tension, combining with open exhibition spaces such as installation park in front of the art museum, exhibition platform on the rooftop, and central courtyard, forming a group of spaces with different dimensions and shapes.
2. publicity and flexibility, replacing traditional mode of closure and solidity.
Future art museum should be the art space of interaction and communication among public, art works and artists, rather than the temple of successful artists showing glory. The most meaningful moment of art work is the interaction and participation of the public, rather than the moment of its completion. Spaces that are flexible, useful, or even useless, can become the motivation of creativity for artists, of specific site and environment, therefore integrating art works, public and art museum as a whole.

General Specifications:
1. Structural system:Steel frame structure at new atrium;Concrete structure added to existing concrete frame
2. Exterior cladding:Metal Panels/Rainscreen: 0.5mm aluminum magnesium manganese panels;Glass curtain wall:Low-E glazing units with aluminum mullions by King Glass Engineering Ltd
3. Roofing:Metal: 0.9mm aluminum self locking panels
4. Windows:Metal frame:Aluminummullions by King Glass Engineering Ltd
5. Glazing:Glass:Low-E double glazed units;Skylights: Low-E double glazed units with electrically operated openings
6. Doors:Entrances:Entrance doors are part of curtain wall by King Glass Engineering Ltd;Metal &Wood doors: Internal metal and wood doors painted grey or white sourced by 7th Group Shanghai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd;Gallery Sliding doors:Top hung white paint finish sliding doors by Express Elevator
7. Interior finishes:Ceilings:Double layer of 9.5mm plasterboard;Demountable partitions:In galleries; 18mm plywood board behind 9.5mm plasterboard with white render finish;Wall coverings: 9.5mm plasterboard with white render finish;Solid surfacing:Exposed fair-faced concrete walls;Special surfacing:Pre-cast fair-faced concrete stair and seating elements by 7th Group Shanghai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd;Flooring:Emery hardened concrete floors
8. Furnishings:Reception furniture: Plywood carcass with white paint finish
9. Lighting:Interior ambient lighting:Erco, Deco;Downlights:Flux;Task lighting:Erco, Phoja, RCL;Exterior:Targetti, Reggiani, Vas;Dimming System or other lighting controls:StrongLED system for linear LED lights
10 Conveyance: Elevators/Escalators:2x passenger elevator and 1x goods elevator custom made by Express Elevator


 Beijing, China
 China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.
 32910 mq
 Studio Pei-Zhu, Design Principal: Zhu Pei
 Edwin Lam, He Fan, Damboianu Albert Alexandru, Virginia Melnyk, Guo Nan, Ke Jun, Wang Peng, Li Gao
 7th Group Shanghai Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
 Lighting: United Artists Lighting Design Co., Ltd , Acoustical: Arup, Art Director and Museum Consultant: Thomas Krens/GCAM, Engineer Consultant: Structure, mechanical and electrical Consultant: Arup
 Studio Pei-Zhu, Fang Zhenning, Zhu Qingsheng


Studio Pei Zhu is a young practice of under 20 employees based in Beijing. For us, the challenge of design is to provide practical solutions while reflecting a strong and innovative conceptual thinking and a critical outlook. Our projects, therefore, are an exploration of methods to connect process to product. The framework for this investigation and the experimental nature of our work is formed by the context in which it takes place- Urban China. The recent rapid development of the country has created new urban environments that can certainly be described as modern but lack the vitality and soul of older districts. One of our main concerns in design is to reconnect modern urban china to its roots, reinterpreting the vernacular in contemporary context to create architectural devices capable of energizing urban activities.

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