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One Plus Partnership Limited

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One Plus Partnership Limited
Trips to cinemas have always left the movie-goers contended with dazzles. While the audience are watching the film in the auditorium, they could let their imagination run wild. Especially the science fiction film genres, like ‘Inception’ or ‘Interstellar’. These films further ignite the audience's creativity. The designers visualize the scenes from these movies, creating yet another vivid interior which welcomes the audience as if they have walked into a real movie setting.

Upon entering the cinema, audience’s eyes would meet with the various-shaped and three dimensional boxes. Black and white engulfs the perimeter, conveying a hint of futuristic and multi-dimensional feeling appears in science fiction movies. Rectangular-shaped concessions and kiosk incline with assorted angles, camouflaging themselves in the futuristic background, which triggers the association of meteors in space or the second element of psychedelic space. Various boxes elongating from the ceiling serve not only as props decorating the area. The air conditioning ducts hide inside the boxes. As the boxes decrease the distance between the ducts and the floor (much shorter than the air conditioning coming out directly from the ceiling), a lot of energy would be saved. They demonstrate the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicability.

On the ceiling above the concession lays a rectangular LED box, which could play movies or dynamic graphics within the area. Black marble tiles with white veins coat the entire ground. The flooring, which is supposed to be a two dimensional object, fills with three dimensional geometric graphics, as if they are multifold of rectangular boxes emerging from the ground.

Along the corridor, the vibe of science fiction movies lingers. Several three dimensional white-coated metal pillars grow towards different directions, enacting the scenes out of someone‘s imagination, whereas objects are being placed randomly and scattered around. These irregularly-shaped pillars crisscross with each other to give a unique visual effect. Some of them even elongate into seats for people to take a rest. The lights on the ceiling also shape like pillars, developing towards different directions and angles, visualizing the science fiction vibes further. The 98 boxes scatter around the corridor also serve the same purpose as those in the box office. Air conditioning ducts are planted inside the boxes so to save energy by minimizing the distance between the floor and the ducts. The ceiling is coated with paint while the floor is covered with corian. Corners and edges of the boxes are smoothed into blunt surfaces so to avoid the chance of getting scratched by the pointy edges. Children actually love to use the tilted surface of the box as their slides playground.

With a monotone of grey engulfing the whole perimeter, the audience could certainly feel a sense of perplexing and secretive vibe that the designers create. There are totally 11 auditoriums and 6091 seats in the cinema. In the main auditorium, which holds 344 seats, is covered with 1601 grey custom-made three dimensional square-shaped boxes (270 mm X 420 mm X 100 mm) made of acoustic panels, pointing towards altered angles. On top of that, there are also 120 glowing boxes, which add a hint of mystery towards the whole design. By combinating 6 different modules of boxes randomly in various angles, the final result is shown throughout the auditorium.


 Wuhan, China
 Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd.
 6200 mq
 Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, One Plus Partnership Limited
 One Plus Partnership Limited
 Jonathan Leijonhufvud Architectural Photography


The Hong Kong-based, award-winning interior design firm One Plus Partnership Limited was established by Ajax Law and Virginia Lung in 2004. Its cutting edge designs and daring visions keep amusing the global interior design industry. It was founded with the aim of providing interior design services, from conception to delivery, which will enhance its clients’ business and personal intent. Ever since its founding, it has gotten hands on numerous world acclaimed awards, building its reputation on theme-driven designs among the interior design industry and beyond.

Up until now, One Plus has received 343 international awards. In 2012, it was being recognized with the ‘Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award’ from the UK. It was the sole winner of the year and the first in Asia to earn the prestigious award.

This project is a cooperation with Hubei Insun Cinema Film Co., Ltd. The cinema is located in Wuhan, China and completed in December 2014.

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