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Image theatre
Scritto da Hoflab -
The installation consists of an iteration of ten overturned portals, made of wooden beams, interspersed with metal gratings forming a decking raised from the ground through a system of adjustable feet. From this structure, in the spaces interposed between the wooden portals five giant (3x2 m) light boxes emerge carrying high definition images printed on plexiglass sheets on both sides.
title: Image theatre, display structure for the photo exhibition “Sensational Umbria” by Steve McCurry location: Cortile Napoleonico, Palazzo Brera, Milano client: Centro Estero Umbria design: HOFLAB (Paolo Belardi, Carl Volckerts), Andrea Dragoni structural design: Area Progetto (Roberto Regni) realization: totem photography: ORCH_Fulvio Orsenigo chronology: project and realization 2013 dimensions: footprint area 100 mq, height 5,5 m
Resta aggiornato sulle novità del mondo dell'architettura e del design

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